The Tiny House Movie


Dumped by his longtime girlfriend and dangerously depressed by the wintery midwest, a Millennial moves into a tiny house in sunny Arizona to restart his life. His friends think he’s crazy to downsize away from the life he knows, and he wonders if they’re right when finding a place to park his house becomes a nightmare.
A feature film showing the comedy, adventure, and romance of the #tinyhouse movement.

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The Tiny House Movie is an independent, self-funded production. Sharing this story is my dream, and knowing other filmmakers and actors volunteer their time and talents to help me achieve this dream is the best feeling in the world. Costs associated with movie production include feeding the cast and crew, renting out the locations we film at, maintaining production insurance in case anyone is injured or anything is damaged, and paying film festival entry fees after our movie is finished. If you're able to help us with these costs, we'd be eternally grateful. We'll list your name in the credits at the end of the movie, and you'll be first on the list to get a DVD or BluRay copy! You can also access our private production blog where we share exclusive behind-the-scenes stories, pictures, videos, and movie clips. You may use the below buttons to donate any amount you choose. Every dollar helps, and to say thanks we'll give you the following things based on what you contribute. Thank you so much for your support!
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$10: Your name in the Special Thanks credits at the end of the movie
$25: + Two tickets to The Tiny House Movie premiere in Tucson, Arizona
$35: + Autographed headshots of the lead actors
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Production Stills

Behind the Scenes

Below is a small gallery of "behind the scenes" photos. For exclusive stories, videos, clips, and more check out our private production blog. If you've supported us using the above Donate button, the blog password will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours. Thank you!
Behind the scenes photos by: Jack Bybee, Anne Dalton, Eric Flores